8mm to DVD transfers in Idaho?

All media, including 8mm tapes will eventually deteriorate and lose their contents. The result is a bunch of image noise and dropouts. If you have tapes older than 15 years you run the risk of losing them to degradation. You’ll begin to see stickiness, jamming, and brittle tape that can snap. Once your tapes reach this point it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to recover their contents. Transferring your 8mm tapes to DVD with MediaFox is hands down the best way to guarantee that your memories won’t be lost forever.

If you live in Boise, Idaho and you are still holding on to 8mm or Hi8 tapes it’s time to transfer them to DVD with MediaFox.  The last thing you want is a box full of damaged 8mm and/or Hi8 tapes that won’t play your family’s memories anymore. Because Boise, Idaho is the price leader in digitization services, there has never been a better time to go 8mm to DVD or Hi8 to DVD.

We have top shelf equipment to handle 8mm and Hi8 to DVD transfers. We use iLink (firewire) technology to digitally transfer analog tapes directly to our film processing software. We use digital noise reduction to improve the audio of your tapes and color correction to improve the film itself. Not looking for tape transfers? Try Boise, Idaho web design to give your business the edge with cutting edge e-commerce solutions from MediaFox.