Digitally Preserve Your Family History

Archive & preserve your family's entire collection of film, photos, & video tapes.

Photography Created For You

Okay, so you live in Boise and you need a brilliant photographer. You need somebody who can handle a camera and has vision. You don’t particularly want to spend a couple thousand bucks for great pics, but you do want great pics. Enter MediaFox. Boise’s first completely flat rate, unbloated, makes you wonder if it’s even real, photography company. Leave your phone camera at home and hire a MediaFox photographer to shoot your basketball game, your big race, your kid’s play, your grandson’s graduation day, you and your wife’s stroll at the park, or anything else imaginable. You’ll end up with gorgeous photographs and you’ll spend 25 bucks an hour.

Introducing GoShoot™

Request a photographer in a few clicks.

Preserving The Past Forever

We exist to archive and preserve the world's film, photos, negatives, video tapes, vinyl records, and audio cassettes. And yes, we do everything right here, in Boise, Idaho.



Archive and preserve your family history by converting your VHS tapes into DVDs or digital files on a thumbdrive.

Camcorder Tapes

Digitally preserve camcorder tapes such as MiniDV, 8mm, Hi8, SVHS, and VHS-C. Enjoy on DVD or files for PC/Mac.


Relive memories stored on 8mm and Super 8 film reels. Preserve every frame digitally, then share them with the whole family.


Professional photograph scanning that puts your photos on any device, like your smart phone, tablet, pc, or mac.

35mm Slides

Hi def 35mm slide scanning revives old memories and makes them easy to share on any tv, smart phone, pc, mac, or tablet.

Audio Cassettes

Home recordings stored on audio cassettes dubbed and preserved on CDs or as files for your phone, tablet, pc, or mac.

Videos Dubbed
Photos Saved
Reels Digitized
Slides Saved
Cans of soda
Cups of Coffee

"Converted our old camcorder tapes into hi-quality AVIs. I'm glad there is someone local that can get the job done right."

− Michael Arnold

"I took some really old film from the 1950's and 1960's to MediaFox. He did an excellent job transferring those memories to DVD. They were friendly, fair and honest. Those customer service qualities are very often lacking in many businesses but not at MediaFox. I highly recommend MediaFox to anybody needing quality work done with excellent customer service!"

− Sherri Jimenez

"Awesome job on the video/music tribute for my father in law memorial service. Great customer service. was done in a day!! Highly recommend this business. . "

− Cindi Carpenter

"A very special thank you to MediaFox for digitizing 12 reels of 16 MM film for our family. So many of my family chipped in for the cost of over 4000 feet of lost memories from the 40s and 50s. It will be awesome to see the smiles and the thoughts of happy days move across their faces."

− Shaun Laughney

"These people are amazing! Dad had every picture labeled and time lined, every place else I took them to wanted to mix them up to digitize them. These people don't and they take full page photo album pictures so you get the writing. I highly recommend them to anybody who has old pics they want to pass on to relatives. The price is not any different, for those who think like me and want to get the best for the money, of course we had thousands so we qualified for the bulk rate! Back to my fathers grandparents is a long time!!"

− Delynn Coleman

Family History

Watch Your Memories. Now, easier than ever.

Ship or drop off your VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, film, photos, slides, and negatives. We'll preserve them and turn them into something you can actually use! We don't believe in add-ons, that's why every order comes standard with a DVD copy and no set up fee.